• Live Interactive Video

    The cloud based Interactive video, streams from you to your students without plugins or software to install.

  • Message Boards & Chat

    Free Message Boards and Chat between Students and Educators prior to and during each Class.

  • Payouts for Educators

    Our Weekly or Monthly automated Payout ensures accurate settlements.

Milk & Tea offers you the unique opportunity to Teach and Learn.
All of us master something, maybe a hidden talent, maybe quite apparent, but we all know something.
Our Interactive classrooms provide a forum for just that. To Educate, to Learn, to ask questions, to really know and understand a topic in Real Time.
Milk & Tea is a safe, non-traditional learning environment for Anything!
Milk & Tea is Interactive Education

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Language(s): English, gibberish, grunts

Location: Earth, United States, Colorado, Denver

Bio: I'm Zobrakster, I know things. The things I know,...


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Benjamin S.

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Language(s): English, Spanish

Location: Denver, Colorado

Bio: It is a long established fact that a reader will be...